Make Your Contacts at the 10th annual Duel Academy Career Fair!

The Duel Academy career fair presents the oppotunity for you to showcase yourself before potential employers from Kaiba Corp., Industrial Illusions, and various other corporations. You do not have to be a gradtuating senior to attend the career fair. You may attend to see what opportunites are available for employment after you graduate. There's more to a career fair than just taking notes or bringing a stack of resumes with you.

If you are a GRADUATING SENIOR, lets start by talking about your resume. A good resmue alone won't get you a job, but it should-in one page-sum up all of your accomplishments.

Your Resume

Your resmue is a reflection of yourself and like yourself, it should be perfect. Theres absolutley no room in your resume for typographical errors, punctuation errors, spelling errors, or any other errors. Choose a paper that has substantial weight, don't type your resume on copy paper. Choose white or beige for both the resume and the cover letter. Some tips to remember about the resume and cover letter.

  • Your resume won't get you a job, it's intended to get you an interview.
  • The cover letter should state the postition you're applying for.
  • Both resume and cover letter must be perfect.
  • Dress The Part

    Make sure your shoes are polished. (and don't wear atheletic shoes) Hair should be neat and well groomed. Finger nails should be trimmed. No nail tips, please. Remove any visible body piercing. Carry only what you'll need for the fair. Don't have pockets jingling with coins or bulging with other personal belongings. Don't bring a large hand bag. Both men and women should choose conservative clothes and colors-black, navy, or charcoal gray in the colfer months; olive or beige in the warmers months.

    Women should choose a skirted suit or well tailored pants-suit. A blouse and a skirt is also okay, as long as the skirt us not too short. The skirt should not be more than an inch off the knee. Dress shoes with a heel of not more than two inches would also be appropriate.

    Men should select a classically cut and well-tailored suit. A shirt lighter in color than the suit, such as white, and a conservative patterend or striped tie is recommended. Shoes and socks should match and be either black or dark brown.

    Make The Right First Impression

    Most people make judgements about you in th first five seconds. Give the right non-verbal signals. Stand up straight, walk confidently, give a firm hadshake. Make eye contact, exhibit good listening skills, and above all, remember the name of the person whom you've been introduced to. Turn off your cell phone. Carry all your papaerwork in a professional briefcase or attache case.

    Attract Don't Distract

    Women should accesorize and use jewelry sparingly. Don't have bangls and bracelets that make a lot of noise or attract attention. Leave the flashy jewelry at home. Makeup should be understated; don't overdo. Do not use cologne or perfume. Shower before the fair with a mild, fragrant soap. In general, don't be casual and don't be flashy.

    Speak Up

    In all your dealings at the fair, make sure that the person you are speaking to can hear you. This is not the time to be too shy, nor too pushy. Strike a balance between the two that will convey self-confidence without being pompous or overbearing.

    Don't Overstate

    If you are asked if you meet a particular qualification for a job, tell the truth if you don't. If you don't have training in an area, stress that you have always been a quick learner and look forward to training in that area.

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